8 Attractive Charms of Half Moon Bay, CA, That You Would Not Want to Miss Out

Half Moon Bay CA real estate agent Mishelle Westendorf

Half Moon Bay is the one beautiful town you see along the highway when coming down from San Francisco. It is one of the best weekend spots as it has beaches, dining, and shopping experiences. Half Moon Bay has the perfect balance between relaxing leisure and beaches. What’s more, there are a million things to do here, so you never get bored. 

Whether you are a visiting tourist or a local seeking to find the hidden gems of the place, this blog will help you unveil the top attractions there. Half Moon Bay CA real estate agent Mishelle Westendorf knows of the best must-visit places and activities that showcase the charm and beauty of this coastal gem. Here are some of them. 

The best things to do are in Half Moon Bay –

Visiting the Half Moon Bay street

One of the most leisurely things to do in Half Moon Bay is to stroll the main street. It has one of the most charming views that is worth spending time on. You can also visit historic buildings and museums. The street is filled with traditional shops and bakeries.

Half Moon Bay State Beach

Make sure to visit the Half Moon Way beach for panoramic views of the ocean, sandy shores, and beautiful waves. It is interconnected with several beaches along the coastline. You can enjoy surfing and witness one of the best sunset views. 

There are beautiful picnic areas and restrooms available for the public. One of the best features of this beach is that it offers beach-friendly wheelchairs for public use.

Art and Pumpkin Festival

The Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival is held annually in October. It features some of the most beautiful and unique arts and crafts and pumpkin-related activities. The street is decorated with pumpkins where you can take beautiful pictures and enjoy the unique experience. 

It is recommended that you visit this festival early in the morning to avoid the crazy crowd. Also, avoid visiting on rainy days for the best experience.

Spot the whales

Seeing a giant whale popping out of the water can be a magical sight. You can find a lot of whales at Half Moon Bay Beach. With about 15000 whales crossing this area while migrating to the warm climates of Mexico, you may see at least one of them on your trip to the beach. 

Harbor village shops and seafood

The lively fishing village of Pillar Point Harbor is home to the Harbor Village Shops, where you may taste delicious seafood. You can enjoy the seafood at waterfront restaurants, go shopping, or take a walk around the harbor to see the fishing boats and marine life.

Half Moon Bay wine and jazz festival

Every year, the Haf Moon Bay Wine and Jazz Festival unites the charm of fine wines with warm jazz music against the breathtaking coastal view of Half Moon Bay. This event is popular with both music and wine lovers as it provides a lovely experience of indulging in good wines while listening to melodious jazz performances.

Tide pools

You can find numerous tide pools along the Half Moon Bay coast and surrounding areas. These rocky pools of saltwater are created by low tides, where you can see the exotic marine life, flora and fauna, and wildlife.


Half Moon Bay offers an amazing golfing experience with the golf course designed in front of the Pacific Ocean. It was designed by Arnold Palmer and Francis Duane. The stunning ocean view along the California coastline makes it a popular destination for golfers.

On your next trip to Half Moon Bay, do not miss these attractions! Additionally, it is also an amazing place to be labeled as your next “home, sweet home!”