Can You Run Everything You Need From A Portable Solar Generator?

Having access to power when working on site, in your garden shed at your workbench with your power tools, or when on the open road and camping, isn’t as difficult as it once was. Whereas in the past, you might have required the use of a diesel-powered generator, which was cumbersome, expensive, and noisy to run, you can now gain access to a fantastic portable solar power station that gives you all the power that you need whilst helping you use a renewable energy source to power you forward.

Powering tools with a solar generator

Worksites in remote locations and areas that are newly developed might not have the required infrastructure to power tools immediately, or there is a need for an efficient back-up power source for when there are blackouts. An alternative power source can be crucial. 

The use of portable generators is more popular than ever before, and when you consider the technological advancement and increase in popularity of renewable energy, combining the two makes a lot of sense, especially considering the output and potential use of a solar powered generator is now, no different to the use of a diesel-powered generator.

Let’s look at tools and equipment specifically and their use with a portable solar generator. What exactly can you run? There are so many power tools and pieces of equipment that are used on remote sites that we’ll narrow it down to just a few for these purposes.

Power drill – an efficient electric power drill is usually small in size and therefore is a good bet for a solar powered generator to have the ability to power it for long enough when faced with numerous tasks on site. For instance, a solar generator with a capacity of 768Wh could run an electric power drill for up to an hour.

Handheld sander – some sanders that are handheld are easy to use and have low running requirements with an average of 250 watts. This would give it an average run time of around three hours with an average solar powered generator. This is impressive, as it is unlikely that you would require the use of a handheld sander for this amount of time in one go.

Jigsaw – a jigsaw on average needs 500 watts to perform to an adequate standard, so you would be looking at around an hour and a half of constant use with an average solar generator before you ran out of power. 

As an alternative or back-up power supply, a solar powered portable generator gives you a great chance to power all the tools you need, with recharging time allowing for even longer use over several days.

In the modern age where we are all attempting to do better when it comes to our energy use, finding a renewable source of energy where we can feel good. It is no longer an issue that you will find a diminished power source too, as you can power many things using solar power and a solar-powered, portable generator. Whether you are in the garden shed with your tools or looking for a power source for a remote camping location or construction site, a portable solar generator can provide you with everything you need to move things forward in the same way you would have with a fossil fuel-powered generator in the past. This way, it is just greener and quieter to do so!